Get Funding for Your Payroll Quick & Easily

Funding payroll can be a challenge, especially for growing staffing companies that need to pay employees on time, every time.  Whether your employment agency needs cash flow to help retain good employees with on-time paychecks, extend payment terms to clients or add momentum to your marketing or advertising budget, Bridgeport Capital Services can supply you with a steady source of working capital.


   Staffing Agency Factoring Benefits

  • Meet payroll, expand business.

  • Complimentary credit checks.

  • The highest true advance rates available in the industry.

  • Turn accounts receivable into cash.

  • Fast closing process.

  • Competitive and flexible pricing structures

  The Direct-Link Expertise & Stability Securing and managing workers comp solutions

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide HR solutions to between 156,000 and 180,000 small and mid-size businesses throughout the country. Some of the services PEOs provide include payroll, benefits, HR, tax administration and regulatory compliance assistance. In addition, PEOs, as a result of their contractual arrangement with clients, take on a statutory role as an employer. This means workers compensation administration and management becomes one of the single most critical components in the suite of products and services a PEO provides its customers.
Bridgeport Capital and Direct-Link knows the ins and outs of PEO workers compensation can be quite complex and bring unique policy issuance and management issues distinct from a traditional employer’s workers compensation program. The issue of stable, reliable coverage is also a critical factor and has tested even the best PEOs.  Bridgeport Capital and its "Sister Company" (Direct-Link) is proud to offer its Private Label Clients to opportunity to tap into stable, responsive workers compensation solutions to the PEO industry on behalf of several Nationwide Insurance Connections. 
Direct-Link functions  as Insurance Consultants & agents and we are experienced in offering the full spectrum of risk management alternatives – from guaranteed cost to loss sensitive – and providing a design and delivery approach in workers compensation programs that targets the unique needs of today’s leading PEO industry practitioners. Our team members are focused on the needs of our clients which include turning "Accounts Receivables" into "Working Capital" in addition to assisting our Private Label Clients with their specific insurance needs.  Discover the Difference being part of the Bridgeport Capital Family can make for you. 

Temporary Staffing Firms


Direct-Link can assist, direct, arrange, or place  Bridgeport Client's  workers compensation solutions on behalf of Zurich North America to the Temporary Staffing industry, which is responsible for sending 3 million employees every day to work in America’s offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses and other work sites across the Country.   


Staffing firms take on a unique role as an employer, providing labor on a contingent basis to the many clients they serve. As such, central to the success of all staffing companies is the administration and management of their workers compensation program, particularly given the fact that workers compensation can be one of a staffing company’s single largest “cost of goods sold.”  Direct-Link can assist Bridgeport Clients with a variety of solutions designed specifically for the temporary staffing industry with various options including but not limited to highly responsive, guaranteed-cost workers compensation programs that provides staffing companies unparalleled responsiveness and turnkey solutions, including unbundled claims administration and management services, pay-as-you-go options, 24/7 online access to loss runs and certificates of insurance and more.

Direct-Link can also assist Bridgeport Capital's Clients with options that include a rent-a-captive, whic is a more simplified approach to alternative risk transfer for clients who are interested in less downside risk than most captive programs. This loss sensitive program delivers the right combination of competitive premiums, A.M. Best “A” rated security and long-term cost stability. Benefits include: no capitalization, manageable collateralization and underwriting profits returned to the insured ( YOU OUR CLIENT)  Yes, all of this is available to you as a member of the Bridgeport Capital Private Client Group plus the additional option of a "Protective Cell" often referred to as a Rent-a-Captive that has been designed  specifically to cover temporary staffing risks.

Capitalize on your relationship with Bridgeport Capital and arrange for a no-cost or low-cost analysis of your Workers Compensation Needs today.  Let Bridgeport Capital  turn your "Accounts Receivable" into working capital while Direct-Link helps you protect your corporate assets.

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